19 January 2016

New product Platforms on High Level Synthesis and Power

Mentor Graphics Corporation has acquired its majority-owned subsidiary, Calypto Design Systems, Inc. (more info). Calypto will be merged into Mentor as a standalone business unit, an organizational decision demonstrating Mentor’s commitment to the future potential of Calypto’s products and technologies.


The result is that two new product Platforms are available at High Level Synthesis and Power:


PowerPro for Power Analysis
Optimization and Catapult for High Level Synthesis from C/C++/SystemC.


We herewith invite you to learn about how to apply some of thes new technologies available from Mentor Graphics by attending two technical webinars whichg are scheduled in late January and early February.

See beneath the nessecary information about these two webinars:

Building an iDCT for H.265 Using High Level Synthesis

High Level Synthesis (HLS), has been adopted by leading companies to speed design time and reduce verification costs in applications such as video and image processing, 4/5G wireless, and high bandwidth advanced communications designs (i.e. optical communications processors). But when deciding to use HLS for the first time, designers have many questions.

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Low Power Micro-Architectures for FinFET Designs

FinFET technologies reduce leakage, only to have dynamic power increase and become more dominate. This shift makes it even more critical to find new ways to reduce the dynamic power in today’s power sensitive designs. Designers can achieve substantial reductions by evaluating and selecting optimal microarchitectures for implementing functions in their design.

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