15 February 2019

DownStream release update CAM350 14.0 available to download


Release Summary

CAM350 14.0 is a major update. CAM350 14.0 has been converted to 64 bit and now uses a new common database which it can share with BluePrint 6.0. Both products now render design data in 3D. CAM350 14.0 has significant updates to its user interface using Microsoft Windows latest ribbon protocols and many of the CAM350 Editors have been updated and improved. There is a new Stack Up Visualizer, 3D PDF export, and many other new features.


CAM350 14.0 New Functionality

  • 64 bit database support
  • 4K resolution support
  • 2D Graphics - New net name and pin number visibility when zoomed in
  • 2D Graphics engine - New Infotips
  • Screentips for Menu ribbons
  • New 3D Graphics engine and Features
  • New 3D PDF Export
  • New GUI, ribbons and dialogs (over 100 dialogs redesigned)
  • Updated 2013/2016 UI backstage
  • Improved Streams/Analysis
  • Auto-Import
  • Stack Up Visualizer
  • Online Help rewrite and RoboHelp HTML (like BluePrint)



Upgrades to Release 14.0 are available to all existing customers with a valid maintenance agreement at no cost. Actual features and content of each product will vary based on the product configurations chosen by the customer. Please contact us or send us an email if you have any questions