11 July 2017

New Release of Xpedition - VX.2.2

The latest releases of Xpedition address the increasing complexity of today’s advanced system designs through an emphasis on both ease-of-use and team productivity.


The increasing densities of electronic products are forcing companies to develop highly compact system designs with more functionality and at lower costs. Xpedition provides innovative technologies that recognize the importance of design reuse, automate the layout of high-speed topologies, facilitate the configuration of advanced constraints, enable the design and verification of 3D rigid-flex structures, and provide robust data management for both libraries and designs.


Product highlights

  • System design, including integration with Capital, hierarchical system definition, improved connector support, and schematic integrity verification
  • Design capture, including simplification of toolbars, part replace, and the block-creation process
  • FPGA/PCB co-design, including support for multi-gigabit transceiver (MGT) signal groups and improved unravelling
  • Engineering data management, including managed design reuse, design and component import using EDX, and support for incomplete parts and native 3D
  • Layout, including sketch planning, performance improvements (up to 4.3x faster!), tabbed routing, and improvements to RF and rigid/flex design
  • Design validation, including tighter integration with analysis tools for acceleration, PI, electrical rule checking, EMI calculations, and DfM.


For more information about these update please call or email info@innofour.com or visit What's New in Xpedition