30 March 2017

Omnify Software Altium Integration Module

Omnify Software is a leading provider of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) products. Omnify Empower includes key features such as:


  • Item Master/Part Data Management
  • Bill of Material (BOM) Management
  • Change/ECO Management
  • Quality/CAPA Management (QMS)
  • Project Management
  • etc.


The Omnify Empower Suite of products includes modules and features to integrate the Omnify Empower PLM products with Altium to help Designer users to easily find critical product data, eliminate mundane paperwork tasks, increase productivity, and remain focused on designing new products. The system will also streamline the process of loading released design data from Altium to Empower.


The Omnify Empower Altium Integration module provides you with:


Optimal Part Selection

Integrate the Altium Designer libraries with the content from the Omnify database to enhance design decision and ensure a "Correct by Construction" design process. The system provides Designer users with access to common part data such as: Attributes/Parameters, Documents/Datasheets and Vendor Information as well as extended data such as: costs, lead times, status, "Where Used", availability, change history, signoff workflows, Change/ECO information, Quality issues, etc.


Bill of Materials (BOMs) and Report Creation

Automatically create and upload BOMs from schematics to Omnify without using the Designer BOM tools or generating external files. The system allows you to create prototype BOMs, custom reports, and prepare BOMs (verify parts, automatically create variances, and identify components to ignore).



Check and update design components with the Omnify database to verify revisions are synchronized and all component data is consistent.


New Part Request/Creation

Request new parts and automatically assign parameters based on schematic components.


Key Benefits

Omnify Software provides a single, secure environment to manage component data, Bill of Materials (BOMs), engineering changes, product documentation, and to track/process changes and issues.


Integrating Altium Designer with Omnify Empower enables collaborative design directly from the engineering desktop.


  • Simplify component data and library management
  • Centralize product data/streamline ad hoc databases
  • Gain easy access to current part and BOM data
  • Automatically manage all BOM revisions and ECOs
  • Enhance collaboration with external partners
  • Easily communicate design data with manufacturing
  • Remain focused on designing new products
  • Quickly find critical design data
  • Eliminate manual data entry errors
  • Reduce prototype errors
  • Increase productivity


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