03 August 2012

Return on Investment Really Pays

How easier and efficient BOM revision management for the design of complex data communications products fits great in the aerospace industry.


Read in the complete article about CVG-Avtec Systems Inc's Challengesand Goals at Aerospace Manufacturing and Design. Written By Elizabeth Engler Modic, July 2012


Customer Success
All of CVG-Avtec’s product data is now centralized and managed within Empower PLM. The company met its primary goal of eliminating the tedious task of managing BOM information within their ERP system, which required multiple BOM part numbers for all BOM revisions. With features such as complete BOM revision control, audit trails, BOM comparisons and full BOM hierarchy views, Empower PLM makes CVG-Avtec’s BOM management process much easier and more efficient. All BOM revisions now exist solely in the Empower PLM system with only the current released BOM residing in ERP. Managing revisions in Empower PLM has not only resulted in about 70% time-savings compared to managing this process in their ERP system, it also ensures that manufacturing is building to the correct BOM every time.


Space, air, land and sea, CVG-Avtec’s products make data communications faster, more reliable, and more interoperable. They allow data to flow freely across boundaries and through the most challenging environments.

“By keeping all revisions in Empower PLM, I no longer need to worry about changing effective dates on individual BOM parts in our ERP system in order to maintain current and prior revisions,” Le says. “This not only keeps the BOM in ERP visually clear and simple to read, it has helped us to improve revision tracking and accuracy by an outstanding 100%.”


The Empower PLM workflow engine, which provides both parallel and serial processing, has streamlined CVG-Avtec’s engineering change and release process. Using stage-based workflows helps CVG-Avtec to assure appropriate personnel have verified and approved all product changes, permitting only necessary users to view, change, accept, and/or reject changes at any particular point. This guarantees that the change information is accurate and ready for the next phase and creates better resource efficiencies by only including appropriate team members on their specific stage(s).


Revision history, markups/redlines, and full audit trail functionality provide CVG-Avtec with visibility into who, what, where, when and why on all changes made to any item in the Empower PLM system. The company has implemented formal release processes for new part requests and BOMs, and is now able to document the changes to existing parts and BOMs. This provides CVG-Avtec with the structured processes, history tracking, and accountability they were looking for to meet their product development goals.


“Empower PLM has helped improve our configuration management processes tremendously,” Le states. “Having the ability to easily bring up past product revisions, retrieve all information and associated documentation, such as datasheets and vendor quotes, and see all redlines has helped to reduce the time spent searching for information by at least 95%, which allows me to do my job much more efficiently and effectively.”


CVG-Avtec Systems Inc.
Chantilly, VA