19 August 2020

We are pleased to announce that Simcenter FLOEFD, FLOEFD for CATIA V5, FLOEFD for Creo, FLOEFD for NX and FLOEFD for Solid Edge version 2020.2 are available to download from Support Center.


See beneatht the list of new enhancements:

  • Free Surface with rotation.
  • FLOEFD EDA Bridge can save changes.
  • SmartPCB material selection and solid initial temperature definition.
  • BCI-ROM console solver.
  • BCI-ROM FMU export.
  • Thermal Netlist VHDL export.
  • Creating heat sources separately for each selected component or surface.
  • Feature Goal is available while creating the feature.
  • Electrical Resistance: Total value.
  • Flux Balance: Group All.
  • Point Goals Improvement.
  • Goal plot at selected physical time.
  • Display Maximum Value achieved during calculation in the goal plot.
  • Equation goal can now calculate Min, Av, Max values.
  • Probe can now be displayed in Simcenter FLOEFD Viewer.
  • Point Parameters can import files.
  • Adding ‘mil’ Unit. A new ‘mil’ (1/1000 of inch) unit is added.
  • CATIA-to-NX CAD&FLOEFD Converter
  • EDA Bridge saves files into the separate folder (FLOEFD for CATIA V5 only).
  • Import Solid Edge Materials.
  • Easier interface between FLOEFD and Solid Edge Simulation.
  • Solid Edge 2021 Support (tested version is Beta
  • FLOEFD Standalone upgrade of geometry kernel.


More information can be found at SupportCenter.


Please contact us or send us an email if you have any questions.