11 June 2019

Simcenter Flotherm 2019.1 released

Simcenter Flotherm 2019.1 has been released and is available for download at Support Center.


Release Highlights

Platfom support

  • OS Support changes:
    • Linux: Red Hat 7.4 and 7.5 now supported; Windows Server 2016 now supported.
    • Lunux: Red Hat 6.6 is no longer supported; Windows Serer 2008 R2 is no longer supported
  • Licensing Version;

    Simcenter Flotherm 2019.1 requires updating FLEXnet license server to version v11.16.0.0 or higher

  • Flovolunteer GUI; The Flovolunteer GUI will be retired in the next release of Simcenter Flotherm.


Reduced Order Model Creation

  • BCI-ROM Export; For linear, conduction only models, a Boundary Condition Independent Reduced Order Model (BCI-ROM) can be created to a user requested level of relative error, ε. The BCI-ROM is extracted using the

    FANTASTIC method 1.

  • Thermal netlist file export; For linear, conduction only models, a thermal netli

    st file (also known as a thermal spice file) can be can be created to a user requested level of relative error, ε. The thermal netlist is extracted using the

    FANTASTIC method1.


Power Control

Control Attribute; Contains thermal definitions of operating frequencies

  • Frequency
  • Power vs Temperature data
  • Minimum Temperature
  • Maximum Temperature
  • Frequency - Power vs Temerature; Power vs Temerature data is entered for individual frequencies.
  • Control Summary; The 'Control Summary' command is used to visualize all defined power vs temerature curves on the same chart.
  • Controller Object; A controller object contains:
    • One Heat Source (Controlled Power)
    • One Monitor Point (Temerature Sensor)
  • Controller Behavior; Transient Models: the operation frequency of the controller will automatically change during the trancient solution. Steady State Models: the frequency does not change.
  • Results Output; Monitor Points within Controller objects have power, frequency, and temperature history available in the Tables window.



  • Export to previous version; Export models and assemblies as Simcentor Flotherm v12.2 PDML
  • Z-Rotation support for CSV layout; Z-rotation for components is now supported for Import and Export of CS layout files in FloEDA Bridge
  • ECXML import/export; ECXML import/export is now installed by default and no license is required.
  • KOA Resitor Library; a library of KOA resistors is now installed by default into the Simcenter Flotherm library.
  • NMB Fan Library Update; the NMB library of fans has been pdated
  • Package Outline control ODB++; the ODB++ component outline type to be used during import can be controlled with Preferences in FloEDA Bridge
  • FloSCRIPT relative path support; FloSCRIPT now support the use of relative paths for all file export commands.


Via SupportCenter you can check all the Simcenter Flotherm Release Notes, or check them via this link.


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