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Why is it that 2-3 respins of PCB designs during new product introduction is “Expected” instead of the “Exception”? Software tools are now available that have been proven to reduce the number of re-spins in a PCB design, which reduces your project risk while allowing your product to generate revenue much sooner.

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  • Using Valor NPI, concurrent DFM checks can be executed from the first day of parts placement and layout all the way to release-to-manufacturing.
  • With Valor NPI, you can optimize your design for manufacturing during the initial design release.

Valor NPI

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is a set of automated checks of your PCB design to validate your PCB design against your fabricator’s and assembler’s capabilities. Valor NPI incorporates detailed, in-depth manufacturing knowledge and makes that knowledge usable throughout the design process to avoid costly delays in new product introductions.

Using Valor NPI, concurrent DFM checks can be executed from the first day of parts placement and layout all the way to release-to-manufacturing. With Valor NPI, you can optimize your design for manufacturing during the initial design release. Cadence Allegro users can run concurrent DFM with Valor NPI and review violations directly within the familiar Allegro user environment.

NOTE: If you are using Xpedition, Click here for the integrated Xpedition page.

Over 100 manufacturing rules

  • Intelligent, automated DFM leads to more efficient DFM analysis
  • Identifies aspects of the PCB design that impact yield, cost and reliability
  • Access industry’s largest component library for solder validation with virtual prototyping
  • Most comprehensive DFM analysis covers fabrication, assembly, test, flex/rigid-flex, substrate and panel
  • Easily create assembly panels optimized for material savings
  • Analysis of manufacturing BOM against design assures no discrepancies which can be costly when found later
  • Validation for fit of all qualified parts in Approved Vendor List (AVL)


  • Enables concurrent DFM optimization in design
  • Cadence Allegro users can run concurrent DFM and view issues directly in the Allegro user environment
  • Delivers leading DFM technology for minimum design-revision spins in NPI and ramp-to-volume
  • Provides final generation and validation of the PCB product-model for manufacturing
  • Supports PCB fabrication, assembly and test
  • Facilitates an integrated NPI flow from designer’s desktop into process preparation
  • Leverages the ODB++ intelligent data format to optimize data exchange between design, fabrication, assembly and test. 

DFM analysis concurrent with design

Empowers PCB designers to identify opportunities to improve the yield and cost of their designs for manufacturing issues. Valor analysis synchronizes with their layout tools so designers can optimize their designs on initial release.

Valor concurrent DFM for Cadence Allegro

Valor Concurrent DFM eanbles Cadence Allegro users to perform DFM analysis and review results directly within the familiar Allegro environment. This gives designers visibility of potential manufacturability issues without having to learn a DFM application.

Full DFM analysis for flex and rigid-flex circuits

Flexible and rigid-flex circuits use unique materials and manufacturing processes. Check your flex and rigid-flex circuits against your suppliers’ capabilities to assure your design is optimized for manufacturing on the initial release. Valor NPI automatically translates Allegro rigid and flex areas for DFM checking flex constraints.

Panel Design and Optimization

Quickly and easily create assembly arrays in virtually any configuration imaginable. The software also allows you to identify the most efficient fabrication panel size to minimize your material costs.

Preparation of the complete manufacturing product model

Creating your entire release package from one tool enables the most efficient, correct and comprehensive product model is sent to manufacturing.

Analyze your design for DFM

Use Valor NPI to analyze your design for DFM issues related to:

  • Fabrication
  • Assembly
  • Microvias
  • Flex/Rigid-flex
  • Panel
  • Packaging Substrate

Once your PCB is ready for manufacturing release, use Valor NPI to create quickly the assembly panel layout. By creating the assembly panel in Valor NPI you can be assured the panel configuration itself will not present any manufacturing issues. You can also use the panel optimization module to calculate the material utilization of your panels, which is a primary cost driver.

Instead of sending a massive set of drawings and documents to convey manufacturing instructions, let Valor NPI deliver everything needed in the form of a Manufacturing Product Model. It saves time on your side creating and validating the release package and it is more efficient and less error-prone for your supplier to handle as well.

Technical Specifications

DFM checks performed:

  • Assembly
    • Alternate Parts
    • Automatic Insertion
    • Component
    • Embedded Passives
    • Fiducial
    • Padstack
    • Pin-to-Pad
    • Solderpaste
    • Testpoint
  • Panel
  • Substrate
    • Signal
    • Soldermask
  • Fabrication
    • Drill
    • Etching
    • Power & Ground
    • Profile
    • Signal Layer
    • Silkscreen
    • Soldermask
    • Surface
  • Flex/Rigid-flex
  • Microvia
    • Drill
    • Signal
    • Soldermask
  • Signal Layer Net Type

Also performs:

  • Netlist validation
  • Bill of Material (BOM) validation
  • Approved Vendor List (AVL) validation

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