08 November 2023

Calibre PERC: What packaged checks can do for you




In modern technologies, circuit reliability is a major factor for any successful design, as it is not about just how accurate and fast a given design operates but also for how long and under which conditions. While foundries provide a suite of checks through ERCs or ESD/latch-up checks, other checks are often needed to extend the coverage of the verification flow. Calibre provides a set of packaged checks that are meant for this purpose like EOS, cross power domain checks, Analog Constraint, and many more.



What You Will Learn:

  • What are PERC packaged checks?
  • How to setup and run a PERC packaged check
  • Debugging PERC results

Who Should Attend?

  • Mask designers, design engineers, ESD engineers, circuit and layout verification engineers who work with Calibre tools to perform circuit and reliability verification, plus CAD engineers who provide customer support.

Products Featured:

  • Calibre PERC
  • Calibre Interactive
  • Calibre RVE





Customer Technical Webcast: Calibre PERC: What packaged checks can do for you



Wednesday, November 8, 2023




18:00 hr CET