06 April 2011

Electronics & Automation 2011

This year InnoFour wil participate at the Electronics & Automation 2011 that will be held on May 25 till 27 in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. The goal that is set for this event is to help you avoid wasting money and effort in scrapped boards using our DFM, PLM and EDA solutions.



In the world of a PCB designer where component placement, complex fan outs and copper routing is completed at an ever increasing rate, it is easy to forget that effective DFM starts in Design and ends with Manufacturing. To often manufacturing related issues, that should have been identified at the engineers desktop, delay the completion of the bare board fabrication process or hinder the next step in the assembly process. Using vSure DFM verification, a feature-rich powerful tool that facilitates seamless integration between design and manufacturing using ODB++, the PCB design engineer can analyze a design for all aspects of manufacturability, identify costly mistakes, areas for optimization or reliability problems before they become manufacturing issues and ultimately a cause for scrapping boards.



Another aspect of the complete design flow, that we want to place in the spotlight, is Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). Using Omnify Software, a leading provider of business-ready, product lifecycle and change management solutions, engineering or manufacturing can manage all of the essential information for phases of a product's life span (concept, development, production, support, end-of-life).


Today's accelerated pace of product development, product and supplier dynamics, and manufacturing and engineering outsourcing, make it increasingly difficult to meet product launch goals on time and under budget.


Simple communication issues will cost valuable time and cause unwanted scrap on the production floor. By providing a single, secure location to manage product data, Omnify Software eliminates these issues by streamlining the flow of information amongst: engineering, documentation control, quality/test, manufacturing, management and outsourcing partners.


The Omnify PLM system is designed to manage all product content information such as:

  • Item Record Data: Part Numbers, Descriptions, Attributes, etc.
  • Revisions: Complete Item, BOM, Document Revision Management
  • Bill of Materials: Revisions, Hierarchy/Relationships
  • Documents: Design/Manufacturing Files, Datasheets, etc.
  • Changes/ECOs: Structured/Automated Changes (ECRs, ECOs, ECNs)
  • Project Data: Schedules, Time lines, Resources, Deliverables

Taking into account that the Omnify PLM Software is an affordable “Out of the Box” solution, both engineering and manufacturing can now take control of PLM avoiding e.g. additional costs of scrapped boards.



DFM and PLM solutions help you to avoid scrapped boards, however the basis of making your products function as required is depending on the designs and the EDA solutions used in the design process. Designing your IC’s, FPGA’s and PCB,s using a best-in-class toolset, could help you to implement your innovative ideas and specifications in a highly productive and cost efficient way. Using various simulation and verification techniques early in the design process, ensures design predictability and avoids high cost problem solutions late in the design cycle or even in the field. Designing, simulating, verifying and implementing your IC, FPGA and PCB design can all be done using Mentor Graphics broadest industry portfolio of electronic design products.


During the Electronics & Automation tradeshow we will be happy to present and demonstrate the Mentor Graphics design solutions.



Registration for this tradeshow is free and can be done via the link below that will take you to the Electronics & Automation website.