21 March 2011

Live Webcast: Get to know CAM350 10.5 new features and functionality


This 40 minute webinar is designed to show you the new features and functions available in CAM350 10.5. We will demonstrate the Design Analyzer, the new Paste Mask analysis, updated integration with BluePrint, new features available in Streams Rule Checking, and more. After the technical session there will be an opportunity to ask questions during the open discussion.


CAM350 10.5 Highlights


Design Analyzer

Featured in the latest release (CAM350 10.5) is DownStream’s new Design Analyzer – a new method for analyzing the contents of a design. This information is often used for costing and quoting purposes, and can be used to reduce the cost of manufacturing the design.


The reason for analyzing a design goes beyond verifying that it meets certain design rules. With Design Analyzer, users can analyze the overall complexity of the design, and with the data, make a more informed decision on many subjects such as which fabricator is most qualified to manufacture it. By running Design Analyzer, designers may be able to change just a few rules in the design and allow it to be manufactured more quickly and accurately.


In contrast, a Fabricator will use the Design Analyzer for generating quotes on incoming designs.


Streams Rule Checking

Streams RC has been enhanced to now include paste mask analysis. This allows designs to be checked during design stage for proper inclusion and sizing of paste masks. The analysis includes checks for missing, extra, and improperly sized Paste Masks. The following checks are available for the Paste Mask layer type:

  1. Paste Mask on Through-hole Pads
  2. Missing Paste Mask on SMD parts

  3. Paste Mask with no Solder Mask opening

  4. Paste Mask to Copper annular ring check.

Streams RC Update – Copper Slivers, Mask Sliver, Track to Pad and Track to Track analysis have been updated for performance and accuracy. Drill to copper checks now allow for the exclusion of indicator pads to limit the number of errors reported to the user. “Pads without Drills” has been updated to ignore non circular pads in the same location, which has caused false positives in the past.


Additional Software Enhancements Include

  •  BluePrint PCB Panel Integration
  • Large Memory Access
  • DXF Improvements
  • Plus, 30 software enhancements


  • What: Get to know CAM350 10.5 new features and functionality
  • When: Friday 15th of April 2011
  • Where: Online
  • Time: 19:00 PM CET
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Registration: Web