21 January 2010

Live Webcast: Integration & Analysis of Electro-Mechanical Systems


This webinar will present an innovative system-integration methodology, illustrated using sample systems, to help you create a fully functioning, on-time product, rather than one that gets to market late, with intermittent field failures.


Today’s cross-discipline electro-mechanical or “mechatronic” systems (combining mechanical, electrical, control, and software systems) require highly coordinated modeling, simulation, and interaction among members of the extended design team.


What You Will Learn

  • Basic analog, digital, mixed-signal and multi-technology modeling, leveraging a large library of built-in SPICE models, easily added vendor models, and using datasheet-driven graphical modeling methods.
  • Digital hardware modeling and simulation—running in the context of a complete electro-mechanical/mechatronic system.
  • Parametric and statistical analysis methods to improve quality and reduce manufacturing and warranty costs.
  • Going beyond analog and digital electronics to include thermal, electro-magnetic and mechanical components, as well as digital logic and other critical aspects of the mechatronic system, using VHDL-AMS.
  • Collaboration with colleagues who are using Simulink for control algorithm design, so they can include higher fidelity hardware models “in-the-loop.”
  • Execution and verification of C-code from your embedded system control or supervisory software function, also in the context of the mechatronic system.

Who Should Attend

  • Engineering managers concerned about improving quality while reducing design-cycle time
  • System-design engineers
  • Engineers and managers involved in analog, digital, or mixed-signal system design
  • Engineers and managers involved in mechatronic system design - particularly in rapid prototyping environments where return on tool investment is critical


  • What: Integration & Analysis of Electro-Mechanical Systems
  • When: Thursday 8th of April 2010
  • Where: Online
  • Time: 16:00 PM CET
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Registration: Web