21 January 2010

Live Webcast: Meeting the Challenges of DDRx Design


DDR2 and DDR3 (Double Data Rate) have become the dominant memory standards for high-bandwidth applications, yet developing proper routing constraints and meeting set-up and hold times can be a challenge.


In this webcast, we’ll cover some of the basic electrical requirements of DDR2/DDR3 interfaces, show you how to meet the timing and signal integrity (SI) requirements of these memory interfaces, and provide tips on developing these memory subsystems.


Included will be a HyperLynx demonstration that shows how quickly and easily you can analyze DDRx interfaces for SI and timing issues.


What You Will Learn

  • The differences between the DDRx standards
  • Electrical requirements of DDR2 and DDR3
  • How to develop a DDR memory subsystem
  • How to use HyperLynx to validate your DDRx system timing

Who Should Attend

  • Engineers and Managers designing high-speed memory systems
  • Hardware Engineers, Signal Integrity Engineers, and PCB Designers, regardless of EDA tools currently used
  • Current HyperLynx customers interested in DDRx applications (call for special DDRx upgrade pricing!)


  • What: Meeting the Challenges of DDRx Design
  • When: Thursday 4th of March 2010
  • Where: Online
  • Time: 16:00 PM CET
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Registration: Web