11 April 2010

Live Webcasts: Post Processing your PCB design


Description: If you are interested in easing your Post-Processing tasks into one efficient and effective process, now is your chance. This new streamlined process will save you valuable time, money, and energy. Plus, the outcome (your release package) is more comprehensive, intuitive, user-friendly, and more...

CAM350 provides 5 major areas of post processing at both the board and panel level:

  • Verification of design and outputs per fabrication requirements
  • Accurate translation into Gerber/ODB++/Drill Mill output files
  • Rapid fabrication and assembly documentation
  • Release Package creation and distribution
  • ECO automation


You can create and store Gerber/drill outputs, BluePrint documents, PDF, DXF, ODB++ files, Office documents, in one electronic file and distribute to any manufacturing process in the production chain.



  • What: Post Processing your PCB Design
  • When: Wednesday 21st of April 2010
  • Where: Online
  • Time: 16:00 PM CET
  • Duration: 1 hour