22 June 2023


Making your Stackup Real World with HyperLynx





The PCB stackup is the foundation for our design – any problems we ignore, or any tradeoffs we fail to balance - will persist throughout the rest of the design process. We need to create a stackup that allows us to route traces with the desired impedance and loss characteristics, while also providing adequate return path and power delivery characteristics.


In this webinar we will demonstrate how to build your stackup to achieve the greatest accuracy in your simulations.  In addition, we will show you a new tool called Z-planner that enables greater materials granularity in your board construction.

What You Will Learn:

  • The importance of an accurate stackup for simulation
  • How to create a HyperLynx stackup from a vendor proposal
  • Tips for creating an accurate stackup
  • How Z-planner lets you build stackups based on actual materials and properties

This webinar includes a Q&A session with HyperLynx experts who will be able to answer your questions live.


Who Should Attend:

  • Power Integrity Engineers
  • Signal Integrity Engineers
  • PCB Desig Engineers
  • Engineering Managers

Products Covered:

  • HyperLynx SI/PI
  • Z-planner





Customer Technical Webcast: Making your Stackup Real World with HyperLynx



Thursday June 22, 2023




18:00 hr CEST