28 October 2021

Expert Series: PADS Pro Sketch Route vs PADS Layout Sketch Route


This webcast highlights the PADS Professional Sketch Route function, what PADS Layout Sketch Route should have been. The Sketch Route also functions better than PADS Router auto-routing. Automation in PCB design software lets engineers create more complex designs at an increased rate, and automated routing is part of that. Yet automation has its limits, and can even be more burdensome than the task it was intended to replace. The long-standing dilemma of Interactive/Manual vs Auto-Routing still continues today, PADS Professional Sketch Route is the best of both worlds. A quick demonstration of net selection, drawing the sketch route and additional options like via patterns, layer selection, and rule area/obstructions reduce routing time.


What You Will Learn:

  • Sketch Route
  • Sketch Route Options
  • Rule Area and Obstruction

Who Should Attend:

  • PCB Designers

Products Covered:

  • PADS Standard
  • PADS Standard Plus
  • PADS Professional



Customer Only Live webinar: PADS Pro Sketch Route vs PADS Layout Sketch Route


Thursday the 28th of October 2021




5:00 PM CEST