Calibre Confidence

Calibre Design Solutions

Calibre Design Solutions is the industry leader for IC verification, due to the exceptional performance, accuracy, and reliability of the Calibre nmPlatform. Tight collaboration with foundries, IC design houses, and industry standards organizations ensures Calibre tools continuously provide innovative functionality that meets or exceeds state-of-the-art requirements and delivers real competitive value.

  • Calibre Design Solutions delivers a complete IC verification and DFM optimization EDA platform that speeds designs from creation to manufacturing, addressing all sign-off requirements.
  • Calibre Design Solutions delivers the most accurate, most trusted, and best-performing IC sign-off verification and DFM optimization in the EDA industry.

Calibre Physical Verification

The Calibre nmDRC Platform provides foundries, IDMs, and fabless companies with comprehensive, innovative verification technology for all nodes and processes.

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Calibre Circuit Verification

The industry-leading Calibre circuit verification toolsuite includes layout vs. schematic (LVS) checking, reliability verification, and parasitic extraction.


Calibre Reliability Verification

Calibre reliability verification performs checks against electrical and physical design rules and optimizes layouts to reduce the risk of early or catastrophic IC failures.

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Calibre Design for Manufacturing

The Calibre DFM toolsuite includes yield analysis, printability, and performance validation tools to enhance yield and optimize IC designs.

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Calibre Interfaces

The Calibre nmPlatform integrates with all major custom design tools and place and route systems, as well as a wide range of specialized design tools.

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